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Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most well-known tourist spots. Situated by the beach you are never too far away from fun and the friendly atmosphere and welcoming people make this ideal for those looking to visit one of the most popular coastal resorts in Thailand. But many people come to Pattaya for many reasons, most for fun with the family, others for rest and relaxation and lots of people, thanks to medical tourism, come to Pattaya to have surgery – cosmetic, plastic or otherwise.

Our site is designed to showcase and illustrate how medical tourism and Pattaya go hand in hand. If you are looking for medical tourism and you want great prices, affordable care and the beach as a place to go and recover and get better then check out the information on Pattaya Web Pages – your directory of local information relating to Pattaya and medical tourism. Here you can also learn about medical tourism and why it has started to boom in Pattaya and we also provide up to date statistics on how much cheaper and just how better the service is in Pattaya for that same process or procedure that could cost you up to three times more back home and will also put you on a waiting list too.

You may also be interested to know that we work with hundreds of healthcare professionals in Thailand to always get the latest information on techniques and procedures as well as offer you, our loyal readers, the best discounts and deals for anything to do with surgery and plastic surgery in Pattaya. We also allow you to contact a skilled professional for more information on where to go and how much to pay for whatever medical tourism need or requirements you have – simply head over to the the contact us page and follow the instructions to get started.

Post date: 16 / Sep / 2014

Since Thailand is known as ‘Land of Smiles’, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it’s becoming the home of low-priced dental work. The price of dental treatment in Thailand is remarkably low compared to many Western countries and it is a main factor when it comes to attracting new patients to dental clinics such as PMDC Dental Clinic in Bangkok. Yet patients are not going to risk their health without good cause.

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