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Post date: 16 / Sep / 2014
Since Thailand is known as ‘Land of Smiles’, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it’s becoming the home of low-priced dental work. The price of dental treatment in Thailand is remarkably low compared to many Western countries and it is a main factor when it comes to attracting new patients to... Read more
Post date: 10 / Jul / 2013

Recently it seems that there is an increase in teenagers using braces as a form of fashion accessory and not as an orthodontic aid as it expected.  Many people see the fact that many people teenage starts where braces and so the teenagers wish to emulate them.  They do not understand the risks... Read more

Post date: 10 / Jul / 2013

By Zenbob McGillicuddy

“Superfoods” are often defined as foods that are digested more easily and that provide a wider array of nutrients that are typically not concentrated so efficiently in any so-called “whole” foods.  At Phuket Raw Cleanse, empirical research and anecdotal... Read more

Post date: 02 / May / 2013

One of the best things about travelling around the world is being able to sample the different foods and national specialities that are on offer, and Thailand is certainly no exception! Once you’ve got used to the heavy traffic smells in the city streets, which always reminds me of the red... Read more

Post date: 02 / May / 2013

One of my favorite times to visit Thailand is when the local New Year celebrations are taking place, usually in April in the western calendar. OK, maybe some places will be closed, but most bars and restaurants are open until all hours, catering to the partying locals as well as partying... Read more


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